Legate Group is a growing commercial investigation company that specialise in motor finance theft and fraud services and is recognised as a key player in the industry’s ongoing fight against theft and fraud.  As a business we are small enough to be flexible and specialist enough to deal with the complex issues surrounding missing vehicles in the UK and overseas.

Clients will have access to specialist knowledge, skills and expertise that: –

  • Lawfully investigate, locate and recover missing motor vehicles to ensure that all civil investigation options have been exhausted, satisfying regulators that customers are being treated fairly.
  • Prepare comprehensive evidential packs for the lender, freeing staff to concentrate on more customer or business focused activities.
  • Report theft and/or fraud to the appropriate police force ensuring that, through us, the lender remains in control of the communication with the police force investigating the alleged offence.
  • Repatriate vehicles seized by law enforcement authorities in both UK and foreign jurisdictions.
  • Develop client staff in basic theft and fraud indicators.

Benefits to clients:

  • Increased revenue from stolen recovered vehicles, both in the UK and overseas.
  • Improved bad debt and fraud loss performance.
  • Reduced theft reporting costs.
  • A competent back-end theft and fraud detection and investigation strategy.
  • Reduces staff time dealing with complex cases, which can deliver cost savings.

Legate Group’s services continues to be used by a wide variety of high profile asset and motor finance lenders, law firms and insolvency practitioners.

Selecting Legate Group as a preferred supplier of services, we believe, will improve outcomes to bad debt and fraud loss recovery situations. It will enable clients to feel confident in its external resource and that, where sufficient evidence exists, a professional and compliant evidence pack will be prepared for them and submitted to the police for investigation.