Legate Group is a commercial investigation company that specialise in motor finance theft and fraud in the UK, with an international reach via trusted business partners. We normally act for lenders where the standard collections and repossession strategies have failed to result in the recovery of its property or for other third parties that possess an interest in a vehicle.

We have developed an enviable reputation for delivering excellent results, helping lenders to locate and recover lost, missing or suspected stolen vehicles thereby reducing the lenders exposure to losses from bad debt, theft and fraud.

It is important to understand that Legate Group is not a repossession company and we do not repossess vehicles per se.  Our skill is the ability to lawfully obtain information and develop intelligence leads that may enable us to predict the location of a missing vehicle.

We are normally, but not exclusively, instructed by lenders when the customer has defaulted and the internal collections and external repossessions strategies have failed to locate the lender’s property.  Our objective is to locate and restore the financed motor vehicle in the UK without the need for police involvement.

However, we cannot locate every vehicle for a variety of reasons and in those circumstances we are able to prepare a compliant evidence pack on the lender’s behalf and report the matter to the police (subject to circumstances being appropriate).

We will report matters to the Police in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Acting as the single point of contact for the client, we liaise with the UK police on the lender’s behalf ensuring that the process is smooth and that when the property has been seized in the UK or overseas, the vehicle is seamlessly repatriated to the lender.

Legate Group will: –

  • Conduct a thorough private investigation that complies with the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) (formerly known as Association of Police Officers (ACPO)) published guidelines for hire vehicles.
  • Prepare and present a suitable evidential pack (to include witness statement, exhibits and covering report) on a lender’s behalf.
  • Report the circumstances to the relevant police force and be the single point of contact (SPOC) for police liaison.
  • Arrange, in the event of police seizure, the vehicle’s release (including payment of any statutory or other fees) and organise the vehicle’s recovery from the police compound and deliver it to a lender’s preferred disposal location.
  • Provide a quote in Euros for the judicial release and transport back to the UK for any vehicle seized in foreign jurisdiction.