Sherlock Holmes once said, “It is a capital mistake to theorise before one has data”. 

We all know that Sherlock Holmes was a character in books and films, but the statement is, nevertheless, accurate and applicable when considering the economic value of pursuing any type of loss arising whether from bad debt, theft or fraud. 

Legate Group can provide an essential outline of a potential defendant’s asset profile that will enable the creditor to make a sensible decision about the appropriate strategy to recover those losses.  Our research focuses on those assets that can be identified and not easily moveable, such as property and land. 

Legate Group will not offer or provide sensitive personal information that is not lawfully obtainable. We receive instructions from a wide range of institutions including law firms and insolvency practitioners.

On behalf of insolvency practitioners, we are able to conduct full name searches of Land Registry in England, Wales, Scotland and Spain.

Legate Group will use the information only in connection with the purpose for which it is intended, not disclose it to any other person (other than the client’s employees, contractors or agents but then only when they have a need to know and under circumstances of confidentiality) that we will delete and destroy the data when it is no longer needed and will procure the same from any clients, employees, contractors or agents.